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Herd the one about The Moody Cow?

Yorkshire raised and reared, The Moody Cow is a growing herd of restaurants specialising in mouth-watering traditionally cooked steaks, juicy slow-roasted rotisserie meats and succulently grilled seafood.

It’s no surprise customers find themselves on the horns a dilemma when it comes to choosing from our tempting menu. And that’s before you’ve started grazing at our extensive salad* and deli bars.

In fact, when it comes to traditional British fare served in generous portions, we think each of our Moody Cow restaurants is in a field of its own. (Be warned, those expecting nouvelle cuisine in teeny-weeny potions will be politely asked to moove along.)

With a wine list to die for, a superb range of exquisitely kept cask ales and classic cocktails on request, dining at any Moody Cow has everything you’d expect from any well-bred establishment.

*Sorry Ilkley, no salad bar yet.